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Need some tech-savvy, native-English-speaking, really awesome humans to support your growing business… WITHOUT the hefty price tag or long-term commitment? 

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After all, some tasks are too important to offshore or automate, right? Tasks like…

Staying on top of your content distribution calendar

Dealing with customer service issues and little tech-y details 

Welcoming new Facebook group members

Sending notes and gifts to past and present clients

Handling comments from spammers and trolls

Scheduling appointments and social media posts

Answering, organizing and responding to messages in ALL THE INBOXES

Let us handle the little things... you can focus more on the BIG things.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who ARE you guys, really?

Team NerdyGirl is made up of talented, educated, delightfully nerdy and native-English-speaking entrepreneurs who are receiving free business mentorship and training in addition to what we pay them for serving you! That’s how we’re able to keep your prices so low and give back to our team at the same time. Pretty cool, eh? Want to apply to be a part of Team NerdyGirl? Click here.

Will my hours roll over?

Based on our estimation of how much time, energy and skill is required to give you what you need, we’ll price out your monthly rate based on a certain maximum number of hours you can use. If you don’t use them all, they will not roll over, but you’re welcome to adjust your monthly rate at any time if you find you’re needing more or less than that amount of hours. 

What happens if I need more work from the team than I originally planned?

Because we expect that your needs will vary, we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your plan to include more or less work at any time.

Will I have the same person helping me every time?

It really depends on how much the talent enjoys working with you! One of the greatest things about working with a company like ours, though, is that turnover is never your problem– it’s ours! If at any time a replacement is needed, we’ll fill the position with the most qualified candidate we have available at the time so you can keep focusing on what matters most to you. 

Do you offer services outside the United States?

We most certainly do! We currently are only able to support outbound phone calls in the U.S. and English-speaking requests, but outside of those limitations, we’d be happy to take on just about any task that can happen online for clients in any country.

How will I know how many hours I've used?

Some of our clients like to ask that their team track the time they spend and provide a weekly report, which they’re happy to do. If you’d like your team to do that, just let us know. 

What do I do if I feel like a task took too long to complete?

No problem! Just send us a message and we’ll review your account right away. We’ll make sure we understand what happened so we can improve on things for future, and most likely, we’ll end up giving you back some credits to make up for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

What hours will my team be available?

You’re welcome to send requests to Alice, our on-demand personal assistant/chat bot any time, 24/7, but because the vast majority of Team NerdyGirl is made up of moms who are working part time, we ask that you give us a buffer of 1-2 business days to complete the tasks you submit.

How do you handle tasks that require my personal information?

If we need account details in order to complete a particular task, you can easily and securely share them with via LastPass. 

How can you charge so little for such high-quality, U.S. based service? What's the catch?

One of the uniquely awesome features of this company is that we decided to make it just as beneficial for our team as it is for you, our clients. That’s why the nerds who serve you here are all hardworking, heart-centered entrepreneurs who are doing this work in exchange for a modest hourly wage as well as to thousands of dollars’ worth of free business mentorship and training. Pretty cool, eh? Want to apply to be a part of Team NerdyGirl? Click here.

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