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Do you ever feel like your “shoulds” are attacking you?


Running a business is hard– whether you’ve got hundreds of employees or it’s just you against the world.


I’ve been in both of those positions. I totally get how you feel. 


That’s why I’ve created this super-fun free resource for you. It’s a graphic miniseries that will help you figure out what needs your attention now, and what you have full permission to ignore for now. I like to call it:


Do This, Not That: Your Prescription for Entrepreneurial Overwhelm


Ready to take a look?


You can access each section from this page– just select the issue you want to example from the menu below.

Should I Do It?

What Do I Do First?

Will It Work for Me?

Is It Worth the Effort?

Where Should I Be Spending?

Why Am I So Stressed?

Oh, and before you go… do any of the following sound familiar?


“I’m such a failure.”


“Why is everyone out there succeeding at life while I sit here watching Netflix?”


“What if ‘living your dreams’ is just for kids?”


“What if it’s time to just grow up and play it safe?”


“There’s so much to love about my life… why do I feel so defeated?”


If any of these phrases are part of your vocabulary, your new life starts now.


It’s time to take action and start getting what you REALLY want out of every area of your life.


Sign up for our FREE video mini-course, The Only Self-Improvement Plan You’ll Ever Need, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Running a business is hard. Check out this graphic miniseries to figure out which of your "shoulds" really SHOULD come first.