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So many of us have the wrong idea about our dreams– it’s no wonder we feel unfulfilled!


This video, a TEDtalk by Laura Berman Fortgang, explors why this happens and explains what we should do to fix it.


A dream is often a bit more complicated than it seems when we’re kids, and many dreams just plain don’t come true. When this happens, it’s easy to feel like a failure– as if we’ll never get the chance to be who we were supposed to be.


So what do we do instead? We go in the opposite direction. We take the “safe-and-not-very-fun” path because we believe it’s foolish to dream. In this video, Fortgang explains why there really is a way to feel as if we’re living our dreams, even if they don’t look exactly like we hoped they would at first.


The One Thing I Want You to Learn from Laura Berman Fortgang

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