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Hello and welcome back to 52 Videos Every Entrepreneur Needs to See. Today, we’re stepping away from business stuff for just a minute to talk about something that could make or break your success on a totally different level: your health. 

This video (which is more podcast than video, so you’d be totally fine to just put it on the background and listen to it) is called “Are You Making Yourself Sick” and it features Lissa Rankin, MD. The premise is simply this: we’ve got to get our minds right if we want to be healthy. Period.

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done– and I’ve found that entrepreneurs in particular tend to struggle with the patterns of fear and stress that Dr. Rankin discusses here. I’ll let you watch and hear her suggestions, of course, but on my part, I want you to know that I created a free resource that can help with this subject as well. If you want to learn more about that, click here.

For now, though, I hope you’ll enjoy and get some great value from this video and feel empowered knowing that you can choose to live a healthier life, and it really can be as simple as changing the way you think!


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