A Beautiful Brand Begins With a Beautiful Logo.


Your logo is one of the first thing that your clients will notice about your company. Whether your company is new or just in need of a rebrand, our team of expert graphic designers are here to help you create a fantastic logo that will express your brand’s identity perfectly.


Our designers will present you with a series of logo options to choose from, and will happily make revisions as needed to ensure that you’re happy with your results.



You’re Awesome. Why Not Look the Part?


Whether you’re trying to get media attention or sponsored post opportunities, it all begins with an eye-catching media kit. Your media kit is a resume of sorts for your business. It can contain anything from news clippings to testimonials to stats about your followers and website pageviews– the point is, your media kit should make you look like a rock star.

Our basic media kit design services include taking any existing information you’d like included and turning them into a showstopping one-page PDF. You can print it and mail it or simply email it as an attachment to your outreach messages– up to you.



Want to Knock Their Socks Off?


If you want to really make an impression when you reach out to companies or journalists, consider investing in a media kit guaranteed to turn heads– a digital slide deck.

Our designers can take whatever information you feel is worth sharing (or our writers can do some digging and find that information for you) and turn it into a multi-page slideshow that you can send to potential clients, potential sponsors, potential  employers or journalists. We can even develop a list and send it for you if you’d like. Remember, this might be the only chance you get to make an impression– make it a great one!



Brand Your Company Like a Pro.


It’s one thing to guess what your customers might like in terms of colors, fonts and writing style– it’s another thing to know. Our branding professionals have studied the psychology of the various design elements that go into building a brand and can confidently present you with a proposal for how your company can appeal to the right demographic in the right way.

We’ll work with you to get your impressions about your target demographic, do some research of our own, and come back to you with something stunning that you can share with your staff to ensure continuity on every piece of content you create.


Your custom Brand Style Sheet will include the following:

  • Inspiration board
  • Logo design
  • Watermarks
  • Social Media Icons
  • Color Palette w/ Color Codes
  • Typeface selections



First Impressions are Everything.


When today’s consumers want to know more about a company, they often start by visiting you on social media. That’s why it’s so important to have cover and profile photos that make you look every bit as great as you are.

Do you want to create or update your profile and cover photos to give a new and spicy edge to your online presence?


When you purchase our social media cover photo design services, one of our awesome designers will collaborate with you to create graphics for your social media profiles that will wow your fans, clients and future clients alike.



Infographics Get Shared Like Crazy.


If you want to create a piece of content that has a high probability of 1) establishing thought leadership, 2) encouraging backlinks and 3) going viral, you might want to seriously consider having one of our talented designers create an infographic for you.

We’ll work with you to determine a relevant topic, then we’ll do all of the research and design for you until you’re thrilled with the result. If you’d like, we can even have a virtual assistant do some outreach for you to see if anyone else in your niche might like to use this great content on their site. This is a tried-and-tested link-building (SEO) strategy that has been proven to get great results!



Want to Create Stunning Presentations?


Whether you’re sharing your expertise on SlideShare, creating informative slide decks for potential customers or simply hoping to wow your peers in the board room, we can create a beautiful template for you to use. Once it’s done, no matter how much content you want to create, you’ll have a pre-made custom design to use and reuse as much as you’d like.

We can use your existing brand style sheet, take a look at your website or simply talk with you about your style preferences to develop something that looks every bit as special as you are.


Social Media Buttons

Includes a custom set of social media buttons for your website. Buttons will reflect branded color palette.

Business Card Design

Let us create a business card that will wow your clients and colleagues.

Blog Image Template

Blog image templates save valuable time when creating featured images for your website. We’ll create an editable template allowing you to streamline your image design process.

Brochure or Price Sheet

A beautifully designed service menu sets the mood for your business. We’ll create a perfectly formatted brochure to demonstrate your services and your attention to aesthetic detail.

Branding Color Palette

Coordinate the colors that represent your brand. We’ll create a color palette that has your name written all over it.

Typeface Branding

Brand your company with the fonts that will speak to your readers.


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