What Does a “Marketing Concierge” Do?


Call her a virtual assistant if you’d prefer to, but to us, she’s so much more. Your marketing concierge can do a wide variety of marketing-related clerical tasks, only a few of which we’ll list below.


The list you’ll find here is by no means exhaustive– it’s simply for you to get a feel for some of the things our experienced marketing concierges can do to help your business grow.



Make Sure Your Copy Looks as Polished and Professional as You Are.


Nothing diminishes the credibility of your product more than typos and grammatical errors. NerdyGirl proofreaders will expertly remove any spelling errors, typos and punctuation problems from your posts, pages, PDFs or eBooks. If you’d like, we can also provide formatting and content suggestions for improved readability.


How It Works


We’ll begin with a Google Document version of the text we’re about to proofread and turn on “Suggesting” mode so you can see all of the suggestions we propose. Assuming you agree with our suggestions, you can go ahead and make them with one click.



You Talk. We Type.


Are you the type of person who’d rather just “talk it out” than sit at a computer and type? Whatever your needs, NerdyGirl’s fast, efficient transcriptionists will put your words in writing. NerdyGirl transcriptionists can transcribe blog posts, meetings, lectures, interviews, speeches, conference calls, podcasts, videos, voicemails, seminars, case studies, scientific research, scripts and more!


Transcription includes basic transcription with grammatical corrections and ideal formatting. If you’d like, our transcriptionists can also provide suggestions for enhanced vocabulary and structural formatting.


Keep the Conversation Flowing.


If you have a successful blog on your website, you might be daunted by the amount of comments you’re expected to respond to on a regular basis. Let our expert response team create conversational, intelligent responses to the people who take the time to share their thoughts on your content so you can appear to be the gracious host or hostess you truly are.


Do You Know What You Need to Know to Succeed?


NerdyGirl researchers will scour the internet’s most reputable sources to deliver the quality information that could make or break your company’s success. Our researchers can perform basic industry or topic research, with competitor analysis.


We can also identify trends surrounding your industry and deliver a formal report for your consideration. If you’d like, our business specialists can perform an analysis of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and compare them against up to 3 industry competitors.



You Don’t Have to Have a Secretary to Look Like You Have One.


Is your calendar overflowing with events? Let NerdyGirl concierges take the reigns and arrange your schedule with intelligence. NerdyGirl concierges will maintain your business or personal calendars. We’ll keep track of appointments, deadlines and events. We can even send you daily reminders to keep you on time. If you’re trying to coordinate your schedule with someone else, save yourself the back-and-forth and allow us to handle things on your behalf.



A valuable addition to our calendar management services, our Networking Assistance service can help to keep you accountable to your social calendar. We know how important it can be to get face time with decisionmakers in your industry, and sometimes business owners assume a bit of an “ignorance is bliss” mentality when it comes to attending events.


Your NerdyGirl Concierge will scout out networking opportunities in your area and pencil them into your schedule for you. We can even remind you to follow up with the people you meet, and enter the information from their business cards into your address book or CRM.



Show Your Sphere of Influence You Care


If you’re a realtor, you probably already know the term “SOI” or “sphere of influence”, but it’s a relevant term in any industry. Your sphere of influence is the list of contacts who know and trust you, and it’s the most valuable list in your arsenal.


It’s not always easy to show the people on this list how much you care about them. Many business owners like to use handwritten card services to send something special and personal to these important individuals, and we can help you do that. We can either enter messages and address information into your account with a service like Handwrytten, or we can write the cards by hand and send them ourselves– up to you!



Don’t Let Them Forget You.


Staying top-of-mind with the people who matter most can be incredibly important to your business, but it’s no simple task to keep your outreach efforts organized and updated. Whether or not you use a CRM, we can help you to send out regular outreach emails, send relevant content or just “say hi” to the people you’d like to keep on your radar. If you’d like, we can even help you set up your CRM so you can keep things automated and running flawlessly in the background.



Want to Be a Published Author?

It’s not as hard as you might think. With one of our affordable eBook Creation Services Packages, publishing your own book online or offline can be easier than ever.


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