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Virtual Networking Events for Entrepreneurs 

Because in business, relationships MATTER.

Join Connect today to meet your next customer, client, strategic partner or all-around BESTIE!

Become a founding member and you’ll get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our events for a full 30 days for FREE!

Don’t miss your chance to claim this super-juicy extended trial. Click here to get started now!

Wondering how it works?

Allow me to walk you through it! I'm Brittany, by the way... but people call me NerdyGirl =)

Here’s What You Can Expect from Our Calls.


1. You’ll show up on Zoom via the link in your calendar invite (which you’ll get after you register for each event).

2. Once everybody’s all settled and properly welcomed, we’ll split you into breakout rooms of 4-6 people.

3. In your breakout room, you’ll have access to a slide deck that will walk you through our four part “rapid relationship building” framework.

4. Everybody will have a chance to bring up the biggest challenge they’re facing in life or work at the time, and receive valuable insight and help from their group members. This is, hands down, everybody’s favorite feature of the group.

Want to see what some of our peeps are saying? 

Fantastic use of time! Learned a lot and super excited for the next one!

This was AH-MAZE-ING! I had such a fantastic time with the 4 others in my breakout session. The 4 questions really helped get the conversation flowing and it all went so smoothly. There was very little awkwardness. We all are from totally different types of businesses and that made no difference at all. We learned from each other, got great advice, and definitely benefited from the call!

I’ve never been one to enjoy networking events. I just don’t do small talk well, or enjoy it. This morning, though… oh my word! I just attended the BEST networking event ever! And I did it all from the comfort of my own home…

I had a fabulous experience and got some great insight not only for what I needed, but by listening to the feedback for others. I learned more from this than from hours-long trainings!

Amazing experience to connect with some great people and also to see that lots of us have the same doubts about our abilities!!! Look forward to the next one!! Thank you for a great opportunity!

How often will the “Connect” groups be happening? That was such a highlight of my week!

My response to that last one? The more members we have, the more events we can fill and the more time slots we can make available to better accommodate your schedule!

Right now, we offer events at a variety of times so you can find the time that best suits your needs.

Right now you might be thinking...

"Cool idea, Britt... but what exactly is this, and how exactly is it going to make me more money?"

I’m so glad you asked!

Here’s how to turn your membership in Connect into more DOLLA BILLS for your bottom line…

Step One

Start Connecting

Answer a few quick questions so we can match you with a group of entrepreneurs most likely to be your new virtual BESTIES. Once we’ve done that, we’ll help you reserve a spot at one of that group’s upcoming virtual mastermind events and see how you like it. 


At that point, you’ll have two options: 1) upgrade to one of our paid memberships so you can keep attending regular video calls with that group, or 2) keep hanging out and enjoying the benefits of our free group until you’re ready for more. Totally up to you!

Step Two

Look for Opportunities

At each event, you’ll have the chance to talk about what you do and why you do it, and you’ll learn the same thing about the other people you’re talking to. If you feel inspired to have a follow-up conversation with someone in your group, send them a private message in the chat to see if they’re interested in chatting further.

Step Three

Lather. Rinse. REPEAT!

Remember: Great relationships aren’t built overnight! That’s why we encourage you to play the long game here: show up to as many events as you can, nurture the meaningful connections you make, and become an active member of our community. The people I know who’ve made BIG MONEY from their networking efforts are the ones who show up from a place of service and who give more than they expect to receive. I promise– if you’re good at what you do, committed to being a good friend and willing to be patient, this will pay off.

Still not sure this is going to be a good use of your time?

I get it. Finding the right way to build your professional network can be TOUGH! Here’s what that journey looked like for me…

Back in the day, when NerdyGirl was just a little bitty marketing company, everybody told me the same thing...

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

 Well, for me, that posed a bit of a problem.

They would say that and I’d be sitting there thinking…

“Do you know what an introvert I am? I don’t know anybody!

So I did the only thing there was to do back then— I bit the bullet and set out in search of a networking organization to join.

Meetings, Meetings Everywhere, and Not a One for Me...

First, I looked into joining BNI.

It wasn’t long before I crossed that off the list, though, because…. 

#1: I didn’t want to wake up super early for the meetings in my area,


#2: I heard they expect you to invest a lot of time,


#3: I heard there are lots of hidden costs amounting to as much as $1200/year, and


#4: I heard it only works well for local businesses like plumbers or accountants or landscapers. 

So… not really the solution for me, right? 

So then I figured I’d go check out some Chamber of Commerce events. 

Usually, the event amounted to some uncomfortable mingling and Awkward Small Talk over marginally tasty food and a guest lecture… not exactly the perfect relationship-building recipe for a shy, socially awkward gal like me. 

With all of that in mind, I joined a slightly more expensive group--

I think I paid a couple hundred bucks a month, but it was worth it for me. After all...


#1: Their meetings were super introvert-friendly, which I really appreciated. They made a point of asking the right sorts of questions to spark quality conversations.


#2: My ideal clients were there, and 


#3: I was seeing a positive return on my investment. Not only was I selling marketing services, I was also getting all kinds of great mentorship from people I really respected and admired.


That said, there were definitely some elements that were less than ideal…

Here’s what I didn’t love about that group:

    #1: It was mostly dudes. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, but I always felt a little bit out of place in that environment. I really wished I could find MY people, my peers, people who could really become Friends rather than just work acquaintances. 

    #2: Every time they got together, I’d have to find childcare, which was neither easy nor inexpensive. Anybody who’s ever built a business while being home with kids will tell you, every moment you have childcare is precious, and if you have to spend the whole time at a networking event, in a lot of cases you’ve essentially missed out on an Entire Day of Work. 

    #3: The networking pool was pretty shallow there, just like it is in any local organization, because there are only so many business owners in any one geographical area. As a result, before my first year of membership was over, I had already kinda Maxed Out on how many clients I was going to be able to get out of it because I had already pretty much talked to everybody there.


    Can you relate to any of this?


    If so, you’d probably agree that it’s about time we find a way for entrepreneurs like us to build relationships remotely!

    That's why I am SO EXCITED to invite you to join CONNECT:

    a brand new virtual networking organization brought to you by yours truly and all of the nerds here at NerdyGirl and Company.


    In Connect, we’ll be holding regular virtual networking events— video calls, during which we’ll break you into small groups and give you conversation prompts to help you get to know each other and support each other as peers. 


    As a member, you can register for as many events as you want, put them on your calendar and show up, simple as that (we won’t even know if you’ve still got your pajama bottoms on)!


    Sound interesting? I’m just getting started!

    As a member of Connect, you’ll get…

    • Introvert friendly, fully facilitated conversations (translation: ZERO Awkward Small Talk)

    • All events held remotely (Zero commute, yo!)

    • Four-part “rapid relationship building framework” to help you connect deeply AND Quickly

    • Cool people (a.k.a. NERDS— my audience is mostly female, mostly entrepreneurs, and mostly just plain AWESOME human beings like you, ‘cause like attracts like, am I right?) 😉

    • Conversation prompts that connect you AND make you happier (because the quality of your life comes from the quality of the Questions You Ask!)

    • New Connections with new people all the time (not the same old conversations you’ve already had with the same old local folks you already know)

    • …and so much more!

    In a nutshell, Connect is the entrepreneurial support group you never knew you always wanted to join.

    But don't take my word for it!

    Want to check it out for yourself? Come give Connect a try! Right now you can join our Facebook Group AND attend a mastermind event at your convenience, for FREE, before we charge you a single penny. 


    OK, but… is a paid membership CRAZY expensive?


    I get it. A lot of people hear the word “mastermind” and think it’s going to be SUPER pricey.


    Don’t worry– while we do have some more high-end options, we also have some AWESOME and more newbie-friendly groups you can join for as little as $27 a month!


    So… are you ready to Connect? Join us for FREE today!

    YES! I'd Love to Check It Out!

    P.S. If you’re wondering what the catch is, I’ll tell you right now– the basic networking posts we offer in the Facebook group and your first mastermind event are free, but we’re hoping you’ll love your “free sample” event so much, you’ll want to upgrade into one of our paid memberships so you can attend those on a regular basis. If not, no problem– you’ll still get to hang out in our free group for as long as you want!