Why Email?


We know how you feel. As a business owner, it can be easy to feel such a sense of urgency to see the return on your marketing investment that you’re afraid to invest in nurturing leads via email. However, the results don’t lie. Study after study is proving the value of building your email list. In fact, our nonprofit client GreaterGood has told us that 60% of their donations come from their emails! Can you imagine how many lives have been impacted by such a simple investment? We can, and it’s one of our favorite reasons why we do what we do.


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How Many Emails Does It Take to Get a Customer?


It’s tough to know for sure, but what we do know is how to write them! Online marketers have extolled the benefits of email for years, and the stats don’t seem to be slowing down. Your email subscribers are valuable prospects if you continue to communicate with them in engaging ways– but who has time to write all of those emails?


How We Can Help


Whether you have specific subjects in mind or simply want to keep in touch, we can help you craft conversion-targeted emails that help drive traffic back to your website. If you’re interested in creating emails for your sales funnel, we’ll use your outline to create as many emails in your autoresponder series series as you feel are necessary (see our Sales Funnel Strategy service if you’re not sure).




So, I’ve Got the Copy… Now What?


When it comes to setting up a drip email campaign, the copywriting is only the beginning. It can get overwhelming quickly if you’re trying to plan the content, write the content and schedule/design it within your email provider.


Our sales copy team is experienced using a variety of email providers, and would be happy to enter in your copy and make sure the layout looks polished and professional. Then we’ll schedule each message to go out at a strategic time to maximize your probability of success.





New to Using an Email Provider?


Today’s email technology can be a little overwhelming, and we find that many business owners simply don’t want to deal with it. If this describes you, don’t worry– our Nerds are here to help. We can set up your account with the email provider of your choice (or make a recommendation if you’re unsure). We can import or export lists between email providers. We can create lists and segments, and advise you about the best way to do this to get the most out of your email marketing.




What Do I Do If People Actually Respond?


We know. You have a lot to do! You don’t want to spend your days bogged down by emails, whether they come from your subscribers, your fans or your Aunt Millie. Our experienced team of virtual assistants can help. We can help keep you at “inbox zero” by responding to simple inquiries, forwarding messages to the correct place, or just deleting your spam.


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