Frustrated by Facebook?


Although business pages definitely don’t get quite the exposure they did in the past, there are still incredible benefits to building an engaged community on Facebook. These days, one of the first places consumers go to find out more about brands is their Facebook page, so it’s important to have an active presence if you want to make a great first impression.

Also, don’t forget that simply publishing content on Facebook is only the beginning. Our full service Facebook community management includes:

  • Creative development of 12-15 Facebook posts per week
  • Create images, locate relevant articles and draft related text.
  • Monitor for trending topics and develop related posts.
  • Engage on other brand pages – write visitor posts, like photos, comment on posts, like page, etc.
  • Provide strategic recommendation for Facebook tabs and help grow presence on each
  • Respond to questions, like comments, follow other pages.


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