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BPT 2020

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably attended at least a couple workshops, conventions, or events where the focus was on how to grow your business. You’ve probably come away, energized to get your business into the stratosphere, get that vision board done, and absolutely rock your business. It worked for about two weeks, and then you were right back to where you started, confused and a little jaded. 

The motivation evaporated, poof!

How many times at those events have you heard “start with your why”? It’s a magic little formula that is supposed to give you the motivation, the inspiration to push through the hard, the mundane, the less glamorous parts of owning your own business. It’s supposed to keep you on track and developing. Focus on your kids, your greater purpose, the problems you’re fixing, and make that your why, the reason you do what you do every single day.

You maybe found your why, but still feel like quitting more often than you’re ready to admit. It’s still not enough. Why? (ha!) Your why is broken. Your why will never be enough to keep you going through the valleys and excited for the peaks.


Did that just tick you off? Great! I’ve struck a nerve.


You take care of everybody else. Who takes care of you?

Check out “Alice,” the super-affordable personal assistant service built by moms, for moms.

Now that you’re emotionally involved, we can create some growth.

When I first became aware of this, I was pretty upset at learning all the important things I had set up as my why weren’t ever going to be enough to keep me going, keep me growing, keep me forging ahead. It made me mad!


Now, replace “your why” with “what do you want.” What do you want from this business? What do you want from life? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to experience? Spend a moment answering those questions, writing them down even, and then come back.


Anything Worth Doing Takes TIME.

Let Alice take care of the busy work of running a household so you can do more of what matters most to you.


Done? Great, let’s carry on. 


Here’s why what you want is more powerful than why.

It taps into your emotions and feelings at your core, and isn’t something that is a “should” forced upon your subconscious as a child. We’re taught to be selfless, and especially as women, we’re taught to put our family first. So they become our why because we’re supposed to do this for them. But what happens when you have a disagreement with your spouse, or your child has asked you for the one hundred and fiftieth time for their leftover parade candy while you’re trying to finish dinner/an email/a text to your team? In that moment, there is no way you want to sacrifice anything for them and may even resent them for a moment! There is zero inspiration in that!

Also, when you start with why, you’re inviting in the negative ideas of others about your business venture. Why is your family so important and not the charities in the area? Or why is the charity so important and your family not so much? Why do you want to get involved with this company and not that other one? Why would you even get started with a network marketing or direct sales company? Why would you want to open your own studio? The list goes on and on, and now you start questioning your own decision to start.

As you write down your list of what you want, give yourself permission to be “selfish.” What do you want this business to accomplish for you? Don’t worry, as you succeed, your success spills over onto your family because they’re in your direct sphere of influence. Maybe your want is to hire a housekeeper, maybe it’s so you can fill out every last fundraiser form your kids bring home from school, maybe it’s so you can add onto your kitchen, maybe it’s so you can buy a new car in cash, maybe it’s so you can sponsor a local kids’ sport team. This list is unique to you, and one that will get you excited. It is 100% ok to want things for yourself! As long as your wants don’t infringe on the rights of others, it is not only permissible, it is your god-given right to want all of that!

Like This? Pin It for Later!


Feeling inspired? Excellent!! Revisit, revise, and add to that list every single day. Put it where you can see it frequently and it can trigger your imagination.

Still not too sure? Maybe this will spark something in you.

Think about your toddler, or when your kid was a toddler, or when you were last around a toddler, and remember them at about 2.5 or 3 years old. Remember how insistent they were on getting their wants met? When they wanted to go outside, they wanted to go outside RIGHT NOW and it didn’t matter that it was raining or cold and they had no jacket! The why we gave them (it’s too cold, it’s too wet, you don’t have shoes on, you don’t have your jacket on to protect you) didn’t matter to them one little bit. And heaven help you if you slowed them down trying to get them into all their outdoor gear! You could even ask them why they want to go outside, and they may not have any other reason than they just want it! They may get outside and then realize that yes, the jacket is a good idea, come get it and go back out again. But heaven help you if you didn’t move fast enough to help them get their want! They were so insistent because they were fulfilling their want and the cause and effect of why was beyond their cognitive grasp. In other words, the rational of why couldn’t hinder them in their pursuit of what they wanted.

The universe is like that too. What you want is what you get, and when you can work toward it with the same burning desire of the toddler that wants to go outside, the universe will give you exactly what you want. You may need a few more tools (ie jackets) when you get to where you want to go so you can stay there, but you can always come back inside for the jacket before you go back outside.

What you want is part of your spiritual DNA. It encompasses your purpose and your why, it allows you to grow and become the best version of yourself that you can. And your spiritual DNA is perfect; even the part of you that wants to improve yourself.

I challenge you to start your journey with what you want. Why you want it really isn’t important. It only matters that you want it.

Laura Pieri

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Brittany Bullen


Hi! I'm Brittany...  but you can call me NerdyGirl.


I'm an entrepreneur and a mom of 4 boys. Over the years, I've helped hundreds of thousands of talented, AMAZING women follow their nerdiness and create success in life and work. As I've been doing that, I've noticed one thing they all seem to need a lot more of...




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But what if it didn’t have to?


What if you could open up your email account once a day to find ONLY the things that need your attention?


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The hardest thing about self care is actually getting yourself to do it, am I right?


When everybody’s counting on you, your own needs end up on the back burner more often than you’d care to admit. 


But sometimes when you find yourself at the end of your rope, do you ever think...


“I work so hard to take care of everybody… who’s going to take care of me?”


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With our Self-Care Support service, we won’t just remind you to do things like exercise, buy healthy food, get a massage or go to the dentist… we’ll put it on your calendar and even book appointments if you need us to!


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Ever found yourself scrambling at the last minute to find a gift or send a card to someone you care about on their birthday, kicking yourself for not being more on top of things?


Caring about someone doesn’t have to mean becoming a human calendar. With our Very Important Dates service (or V.I.D. Service, for short), we’ll be thoughtful on your behalf. We’ll give you plenty of advance notice when important birthdays, anniversaries and events are approaching, and we’ll even order gifts or send cards for you if you’d like!


Simply let us know which dates you’d like us to help you stay aware of, and we’ll make sure your loved ones always know how much you care.

Love Conquers All

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There’s no substitute for quality time spent with the ones you love, but that doesn’t mean we always remember to prioritize it. 


With our Love Conquers All service, we’ll help make sure you do. 


Want us to book you a date night reservation at a fun new restaurant every Friday? Done.


Want us to scope out the best free family events going on in your city and mark your calendar for some solid kiddo time? All over it.


After all, it’s not the planning that matters. It’s YOU showing up and being fully present in the moment with the people you love. Prioritize that, and your family will naturally thrive-- and so will you!

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Whether it’s groceries, travel, apparel, household odds and ends, you name it… send us your shopping list and we’ll find the best value for your needs. 


We can log into your accounts and place orders for you or, if you prefer, we can just do the searching on our own and send you the URLs of a few options you can review to purchase on your own. No matter your preferences, we’re here to serve you!

Jet Setter

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If travel is a regular part of your routine, you know how tedious it can be to keep track of all the logistics.


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Social Climber

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Social media can be a fantastic place to make new connections and nurture old ones…


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With our Social Climber service, every weekday you’ll have someone checking your notifications on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and anywhere else you hang out online. 


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We’ll even respond to people on your behalf, if you want us to.


Note: All of our professional services are billed separately. Currently, credits you purchase via Alice can only be applied to personal services, not professional services.

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That way you can spend less time worrying about what other people think about your life…


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Note: All of our professional services are billed separately. Currently, credits you purchase via Alice can only be applied to personal services, not professional services.

Money Management

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Are your business or personal books a bit of a mess? Do you have a hard time sticking to a spending plan? 


Work with one of the super-approachable money nerds at our partner company, Reliance Financial Services, and they’ll coach you through the process of building Simple financial systems that will make it delightfully easy to crunch your numbers every month!


Note: All of our professional services are billed separately. Currently, credits you purchase via Alice can only be applied to personal services, not professional services.

Online Marketing Management

"I know what I need to do to grow my business... I just need an extra set of hands to implement it all. Can you help?"
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How to Use Our "Online Marketing Management" Service


Want someone to schedule emails in your autoresponder? Build your funnel? Run your ads?


Whatever your online marketing vision requires, we’re here to support you.


Note: All of our professional services are billed separately. Currently, credits you purchase via Alice can only be applied to personal services, not professional services.

We Can't WAIT to Serve You!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Sincerely, Brittany and the Nerds

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3 Tiny Tweaks to Boost Conversions by 123% Thu, 21 Apr 2016 02:28:43 +0000 The post 3 Tiny Tweaks to Boost Conversions by 123% appeared first on NerdyGirl.


3 Tiny Tweaks to Boost Conversions by 123%

Do you ever have the sneaking suspicion that you’re losing people somewhere in your sales funnel?


Maybe they read your post, but didn’t subscribe…


Maybe they opened your email, but didn’t click through to read more…


Maybe they clicked your ad and went to your landing page, but decided not to opt in…


This video training is a response to one of my readers, Amy, who was feeling just like you.


Here at NerdyGirl, we work with people from a wide variety of industries, but if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s that they want to get better results from their online marketing efforts. 


Conversion optimization is just a fancy term for “tweaking things to get better results (i.e. more sales and subscribers)”.


We all want more conversions… but how do we GET them?


There are about a million and one things you can do to boost your conversion rates, and in the video below, I’m going to tell you about three of the best.


HINT: #3 alone was responsible for a 123% conversion rate increase!


If that’s of any interest to you, I definitely recommend checking out the little mini-course in the video below (no need to give me your email address, it’s right there for you to enjoy).


Then, if you finish the video and still want to learn more tips like the ones I’ve just taught you, I’m doing a really awesome deal on a premium conversion course called “Troubleshoot Your Funnel” for a limited time if you want to grab that as well.


If you don’t have 10 minutes to spare or aren’t in a good spot to watch a video right now, make sure to pin it for later! I’ll put a lovely “Pinterest Friendly” image below.


Want to get more sales and subscribers? These 3 easy tweaks will help you get them-- and I mean, a LOT.


In this quick mini-course, you’ll learn:


  • Why everything you know about creating lead magnets is WRONG
  • How to make sure they don’t just open your emails but click your links
  • The #1 reason people click away from landing pages (and how to fix it)


Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch the video below and start getting those lovely sales and subscribers we all yearn for!


brittany (1)

Like These Tips? Want More?

Get the masterclass, “Troubleshoot Your Funnel: 61 Ways to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates” at a Limited-Time Special Price of Just $27.

Thanks so much for watching!


If you’re really serious about doing what it’s going to take to get more sales and subscribers online, I highly recommend clicking the lovely little button above to get instant access to this masterclass. I promise it will help!

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7 Things You Can Do Today to Make Sure You Get Freelance Gigs Wed, 20 Apr 2016 20:03:15 +0000 The post 7 Things You Can Do Today to Make Sure You Get Freelance Gigs appeared first on NerdyGirl.


7 Things You Can Do Today to Make Sure You Get Freelance Gigs

Looking for freelance gigs, but feel like you keep getting passed over? You’re not alone.The freelance world is incredibly crowded, so if you want to really be successful at it, you’re going to have to work smarter (not necessarily harder) than everybody else.

The free video training I’m about to give you will tell you everything you need to know to do just that.

How do I know?Because since first began, I’ve personally hand picked over a hundred freelancers out of literally THOUSANDS of applicants.

If you’re sick of being just a faceless member of the giant freelancer crowd, this video is meant for you. Watch it now, or if you’re not in a good spot to watch a video at the moment, make sure to pin this so you can refer back to it later.

Want to get more freelance gigs, but feel like you keep getting passed over? This video training will help.

I know how you feel. As a new freelancer, it’s really hard to set yourself apart. It feels like you’re one in a million other people applying for the same (often low-paying) job… and in many cases, you kinda are!

So what do you do about it?

The good news is that there ARE things you can do to land that next job, and they’re not hard. You can do them now, no matter how many jobs you’ve landed before (even if you’ve never landed a single one)!

In all honesty, I have to say that I’m a little stunned that more writers (even established writers) aren’t doing a better job at this stuff. Let me elaborate a bit on why I say that.

At one point, I was receiving no less than 60 applications every single day. Sixty freelancers trying to get the same job!

There was no way I could consider them all. So I deleted the vast majority of the emails. I was looking for reasons to ignore them.

I don’t want that to happen to you. 

The few writers I did consider weren’t all that different from the ones I ignored, but what was different was the way they set themselves apart. Chances are, some of those who applied and didn’t stand out were a lot better and more experienced than those who did!

What does this mean for you? 

This should come as fantastic news. Here’s the truth:

The playing field is really quite level when it comes to getting freelancing gigs.

All you have to do is play your cards right, and that’s exactly what I’ll teach you how to do in this free video training. I won’t even ask for your email address (although if you want my best video training ever, the one that will help you to attract clients to you like a magnet, I highly recommend you sign up to get that in the smart bar at the top of this post, assuming you can see it right now).

In this free mini-course, I’ll teach you:

  • How to create a portfolio that will make you look like you’ve been doing this for years (even if you’ve never had a paying gig)
  • What freelance hiring managers are really looking for (and how to easily show them you’re the best)
  • The #1 thing potential hires do that gets my attention (that’s coincidentally also the EASIEST thing to do)

If any of that sounds like something you’d like to know, I highly encourage you to go ahead and watch the video now! It’s just over 20 minutes, so if you don’t have time right now, make sure to pin it for later.


If You're Serious About Building a Career as a Freelancer, Start Here.

Click below to learn more about the proven, step by step system you can use to get to your first 60 Client Year.

Thanks so much for watching!

If you’re really serious about building a thriving client base, I highly recommend clicking the lovely little button to check out The 60 Client Year. I promise it will help!

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Want to talk a bit more about this subject? You can find me via email or in my super-cool Facebook group.

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3 Pros Share the Secrets of Copy Success Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:50:45 +0000 Everyone knows you need an online presence.  Sometimes it even starts to feel like a list of chores: Create a website—check. Engaging content—check.  A sales funnel/lead-nurturing campaign—check, check.  Search engine rankings—check.   As important as these things are, they only skirt the key to marketing success using copy today—namely, strategy.   Without a unifying marketing […]

The post 3 Pros Share the Secrets of Copy Success appeared first on NerdyGirl.

Everyone knows you need an online presence.  Sometimes it even starts to feel like a list of chores: Create a website—check. Engaging content—check.  A sales funnel/lead-nurturing campaign—check, check.  Search engine rankings—check.


As important as these things are, they only skirt the key to marketing success using copy today—namely, strategy.


Without a unifying marketing strategy, the copy you write—and the time and money you spend on it—will only be half as effective as it deserves to be.


So what does it take to rock it at leveraging copy to position yourself in the market, drive sales, and reach your other world-changing objectives?


To answer this question, we asked three experts from vastly different niches to weigh in and share their insights about what’s working for them:


Carol Tice Headshot2Carol Tice is a professional freelance writer who makes big bucks pitching articles to prestigious publications and by teaching her audience to do the same.  Her new e-book, Small Blog, Big Income, which launches today, teaches how to get your company or personal blog to pay off, even if you don’t have a great following.



Ron Baron HeadshotRon Baron is a semi-retired industry leader with 25 years’ experience as a business executive at Winthrop-Akins.  He now spends part of his time helping dozens of speakers and business owners jump-start their audience and brand each year by hosting and marketing educational cruises with them as the star.  He can be contacted at



Pam Brayton Headshot2Pam Brayton is the Assistant Director of Public Affairs for the LDS (‘Mormon’) church in the Albany, NY region.  She orchestrates traditional news and social media campaigns to inform public opinion about the LDS church and its members.  Her work also generates interfaith and community support for humanitarian efforts such as the new I Was a Stranger initiative, which serves refugees.



Secret 1: Match Your Strategy to Your Audience.


Our experts reminded us that the “tools” you have to convey your copy isn’t nearly as important as how you use them.  The genius that makes a copy strategy effective has more to do with how you combine these tools to reach and engage your particular audience.


Carol Tice prefaces her comments by saying, “I don’t consider myself a copywriter”—but she does do her own stunts, and if her 15,000 person audience is any indication, her copy does the trick. She generates much of her income by writing e-books and online courses to help writers find a niche and connect with clients that will pay them well.


“You need a…website,” she says, “Without a website, it’s like you’re invisible.”  But the main point of her website, Make a Living Writing, is to add people to her Email list.  It features a prominent subscribe form offering a valuable free e-book, to encourage people to sign up.  Then, when a reader joins she can use Email to build a relationship, offer value-added freebies, and, when appropriate, drive her fans to landing pages for paid offerings.


“Email plus landing pages—those are kind of my two main backbones,” she says.  (Tice recommends for easy-to-use landing page creation.)


Aside from her Email and landing page strategies, Tice also makes use of social media sites to engage with audiences that favor them.


“I do preselling in Facebook, like offering a free product to grow interest.  But not anything that costs money.  Offering anything that costs money on Facebook is a huge waste of your time.”


But Tice really has a place in her heart for LinkedIn.


“LinkedIn is huge,” she says. She advises professionals to go to LinkedIn “and really write the heck out of your profile.” Specifically, “write copy in the summary of your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for searches,” because, as she says, “business owners don’t go to Google and just look around [anymore].” Another mistake she sees too often is LinkedIn profiles that fail to link the readers back to a website, thus losing people who would have clicked through.


Tice stresses that the key is getting all the pieces of the strategy to work in tandem to ultimately guide prospects first to your community, then to your customer base: “The more of these tools you can get working together, the more beautiful life becomes, in every way.”


Ron Baron’s venture involves setting up educational cruises for speakers and entrepreneurs looking to create an engaged community and grow their customer base.  He not only books but also handles the marketing for these cruises, which can net $100k in profit per each.


The catch?  Every cruise targets a new audience, and that means he has to figure out how to talk to a whole new group of people every time.  As he puts it, “Credibility is the greatest hurdle we have to face.”


Here’s how Baron leverages copy to make this powerhouse venture work—with a 3rd party copy strategy:


Step one: Set up a landing page.


“If want the URL ‘,’ you can pretty much forget it.  But if you make it ‘,’ you can get a really juicy URL for not very much.”


Step two: Find key influencers that already serve the target audience.


“With a blog, or Email, it’s 80% relationship building and 20% selling,” he says, “So, the trick is to engage others who [already] have credibility, and are good at writing—latch onto people who have invested heavily in a credible brand.  Ride the coattails of someone who’s already done the relationship building.”


For Baron, this means finding the top 100 bloggers in his target niche—except, he says, the top ten.  “They have big egos, and usually refuse to work with you unless you pay them big sums of money up front; but number 11 and down dream of being in the top ten.  And they see this as an opportunity to move up.”


Step Three: Start sending Emails.  “I write an Email to the blogger and tell him that I’ll give him $100 for every one of his readers that comes on the cruise.  Then, to track that, I have him tell his readers that I’ll take $100 off the price for them if they tell me he sent them.  This is good for everybody, but it also adds value to the blogger’s name, because now it’s earning his readers a great deal.”


Baron also invites these bloggers to recruit  their audiences—offering anyone who brings friends $100 per person, and the passengers they bring onboard the same $100 discount.


(So, when you book your cruise with Ron Baron, make sure you tell him NerdyGirl sent you 🙂


How can he justify this model? “You have to raise your prices so you can afford this kind of referral program,” says Baron.  He explains, “I’m a big fan of 20%-30% referral fees.  The higher price doesn’t matter—coming as a referral from a credible source increases the value of the offer enough to offset the price difference [in the mind of the customer]; but you only ever pay when you make a sale.…It’s the ultimate pay-per-click.”


Step Four: Round out the strategy with limited use of other social media.  “I contract that out to social media teams” Baron says,  “I pay them a little bit up front, and then give them 5% of the gross profit from the cruise—but not until the cruise sails, or just before it sails.  If the cruise does well, they stand to be vastly overpaid.  If it doesn’t… well, they could end up underpaid.  But the teams that have worked with me in the past are confident that isn’t a problem.”


Again, the genius of this isn’t simply by having social media, but by harnessing it with incentives that allow everyone to benefit.


Pam Brayton’s objectives as a volunteer PR professional for a major religious organization in Upstate New York are obviously very different from Tice’s or Baron’s, but she shares this in common with them—she relies heavily on the written word to persuade decision makers and reach her goals.


Her role is defined in the church’s Public Affairs Training Guide: “Public affairs is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining positive relationships with key…opinion leaders.” (p. 4)


In practice, Brayton says, this boils down to two main jobs: 1) support the local objectives of the church, such as obtaining building permits and developing collaboration with other faiths and the community for projects like the I Was a Stranger refugee campaign, and 2) “shape public perceptions [and] communicate accurate and positive information” (Public Affairs Training Guide, p. 4) about Mormons and their faith.


All of this adds up to a unique copy strategy for Brayton, and the two main tools she uses to achieve her objectives are the local newspapers and social media—especially Facebook.


The key to leveraging both, she says, is usually to create a story of interest to broadcast.  Paradoxically, while most social media strategies aim to air a message that is relevant to the largest audience possible, Brayton finds that her niche forces her to focus small and local.


“What we’ve found, is that ‘big’ stories don’t typically do as well as more local ones.  In fact, the best way to get bigger stories to succeed is to find a way to ‘localize’ them.  Some of the best success has been when we’ve had a video or photo.  People would get excited and share it and say, ‘Hey! I know that guy!’”


“Posts about really church related things don’t do as well as community stuff,” she says.  “Local service projects and local events do well.  [One of the congregations] posted about a funeral in the neighborhood, and that Facebook post reached a lot of people.”


The strategy seems to be working.  Since she began her assignment two years ago, Brayton says she has seen Facebook posts that have reached more than 11,000 people.


Finally, Brayton is responsible to help the church facilitate and channel the social media efforts of the more than 4,500 members within her area of responsibility, creating a grassroots engagement for spreading news and awareness.


“There’s a lot of training I do for the members, about what is and isn’t appropriate, and to focus on more substantive content, instead of on fluff.”


Secret 2. Find a Niche and Craft the Copy They’ll Feel.


Pulling the media you use for broadcasting your copy together into a tight package is important, but it’s only half the battle.  Clearly, what you say is at least as important as how you deliver it.


Professionals who are great at copy understand that their copy needs to speak to something their audience is passionate about—something they can feel rather than just think about.


Carol Tice says, “Get into a niche and follow the money.  All the time, people say to me, ‘But I really love being a generalist.’  When I see generalists making a lot of money, I’ll start recommending that.  But I don’t.”


She says the solution is to make your branding as clear as possible—and that developing a tagline is a great place to start.


“My tagline is ‘Practical Help for Hungry Writers.’  My readers are in pain.  Some of them are losing their houses.  My tagline shows them I understand what they’re going through.  Then, I’m in a position… to show them, ‘hey, I’m there for you,’ and offer them a solution.”


She points out that a unique, well-targeted tagline helps with SEO and is even visible in Google search results.  “It’s a really huge piece of real-estate.”


Ron Baron agrees.  “The brain tells us to shop, but the heart tells us from whom to buy,” he says, “and people love to justify overpaying.”  The key?  Meaningful differentiation.  “Sometimes it’s the tiniest things,” he says.


“When I ask people why they spend what they do, on an overpriced oil change, for example, they say, ‘But you just don’t understand the experience.  That guy remembers my name.  He brings me coffee.  He remembers I like not one, not two, but three lumps of sugar.’”


He goes on, “Don’t tell me what you do exactly the same as your competitors.  If you don’t think you’re a better CPA than the next guy, then close up and go get a ‘real job.’  But if you do, show me.  You’ve got to stand for something in order to succeed.”


Pam Brayton sees the same thing.  “The best stories are either about kids, or else they’re about something really interesting” to fellow Upstate New Yorkers.


She talks about when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir visited Albany.  “There was a man, not a member of the church, who had always had a dream of singing with the choir.  And he was one of the people chosen to sing with them.”


“It—well—it changed his life,” she says.  “That story caught the interest of a lot of people.  It was run in a lot of the local papers; and even some of the bigger ones, too.”


Secret 3. Maximize Copy Effectiveness through Personal Interaction.


There’s a lot of talk out there about creating a “set it and forget it” pipeline that does all the work for you, but our experts don’t seem convinced.


Carol Tice put it this way: “As smaller-audience bloggers, what we can do that the big guys can’t is spend more time actively serving and interacting with our readers.”  (For example, in anticipation of tomorrow’s book release, Tice is spending most of today doing a Q&A on her blog.)


What about in-person networking?  “Oh, I’m a HUGE fan,” she says, “That’s how I would decide which conferences to go to.  That’s how I met Danny Inny, John Morrow, [and other key players in the industry].”  She attributes a lot of her own success to developing an in-person rapport with other influencers in her niche.


Ron Baron used to use e-commerce tools for his cruise business, but found they didn’t work.  People had so many questions and doubts that they weren’t willing to make a $500 investment.


“Now, I put my contact information on the website, and I or my daughter take the call, and talk to the person, answer their questions.”  It’s much more effective, he says.


What he’s found is that this personal interaction has benefits beyond just making more sales.  “When we get to the ship, I don’t know those passengers from Adam.  But they already believe that we have a friendship, and in a training environment, that’s very important.”


Baron also uses interpersonal interaction to create an engaged community for his clients once the ship sets sail.


“We have the participants do ‘life threatening’ trust exercises—we try to come up with something specific to the theme of the training.  These kinds of experiences get people to feel connected to each other.  Then, when they go home, they continue to be a group.  And a group of a few hundred people is a much more powerful audience than just a collection of individuals.”


One of Pam Brayton’s responsibilities as a PR rep is to “develop relationships that are relevant and meaningful” with individuals.  Like Tice, she finds that interacting directly with influencers opens up opportunities and audiences for her message.  For example, “I’ve developed a relationship with one correspondent in particular, who runs regular articles on religious topics in his paper.  Over the course of those interactions, he’s taken an interest in being able to publish something from the LDS community on a regular basis.”


And of course, the news and social media exposure that come out of Brayton’s efforts create thousands of opportunities for conversation between members of her faith and others, which is where she feels the most valuable opportunities are for mutual understanding and cooperation.


Our guest experts’ experience highlights some consistent themes about how great professionals leverage their copy strategically to get the results they want.


Match your copy strategy to their audience.


Move your niche with messages for the heart, not just the brain.


Make personal interaction a part of your strategy for maximum effect.


What can you do to enhance your copy strategy?

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How to NOT Be Seen as a “Social Climber” – Keith Ferrazzi Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:34:20 +0000 The post How to NOT Be Seen as a “Social Climber” – Keith Ferrazzi appeared first on NerdyGirl.


If you have a product or service to sell and have not read Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone, you should. It’s awesome.

But for now, make sure to take a minute to watch this video and learn how to make sure you’re not being perceived as (the bad kind of) social climber, and if you pay attention, you’ll also learn from some really compelling research he’s done about how to make sure that your workplace culture is healthy and your employees give you their best work. That was my favorite part of this one.

Until then, stay awesome and remember– behind every great success, there’s a really big nerd!

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Are You Making Yourself Sick? – Lissa Rankin Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:48:47 +0000 The post Are You Making Yourself Sick? – Lissa Rankin appeared first on NerdyGirl.


Hello and welcome back to 52 Videos Every Entrepreneur Needs to See. Today, we’re stepping away from business stuff for just a minute to talk about something that could make or break your success on a totally different level: your health. 

This video (which is more podcast than video, so you’d be totally fine to just put it on the background and listen to it) is called “Are You Making Yourself Sick” and it features Lissa Rankin, MD. The premise is simply this: we’ve got to get our minds right if we want to be healthy. Period.

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done– and I’ve found that entrepreneurs in particular tend to struggle with the patterns of fear and stress that Dr. Rankin discusses here. I’ll let you watch and hear her suggestions, of course, but on my part, I want you to know that I created a free resource that can help with this subject as well. If you want to learn more about that, click here.

For now, though, I hope you’ll enjoy and get some great value from this video and feel empowered knowing that you can choose to live a healthier life, and it really can be as simple as changing the way you think!


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Why You Shouldn’t Hack Your Life – Rich Roll Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:47:57 +0000 The post Why You Shouldn’t Hack Your Life – Rich Roll appeared first on NerdyGirl.


How many times, as an entrepreneur, have you felt like everywhere you looked, there we people having overnight success?

Does it make you feel like crap a little bit?

If so, you’re not alone.
This awesome video by Rich Roll is about pulling back the curtain and revealing the difference between today’s popular notion of “hacking” everything and helping us remember the joys of hard work andmastery.

He argues (and I agree) that when it comes to success, nothing trumps the guy (or gal) who’s willing to roll up their sleeve and hustle.

 Worried you don’t have it in you to keep going? Watch the video and get inspired!

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Every #entrepreneur needs a little inspiration from time to time. Hear it from the greats with this free email series.

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Find Your Dream Job – Laura Berman Fortgang Thu, 10 Mar 2016 15:44:50 +0000 The post Find Your Dream Job – Laura Berman Fortgang appeared first on NerdyGirl.


So many of us have the wrong idea about our dreams– it’s no wonder we feel unfulfilled!


This video, a TEDtalk by Laura Berman Fortgang, explors why this happens and explains what we should do to fix it.


A dream is often a bit more complicated than it seems when we’re kids, and many dreams just plain don’t come true. When this happens, it’s easy to feel like a failure– as if we’ll never get the chance to be who we were supposed to be.


So what do we do instead? We go in the opposite direction. We take the “safe-and-not-very-fun” path because we believe it’s foolish to dream. In this video, Fortgang explains why there really is a way to feel as if we’re living our dreams, even if they don’t look exactly like we hoped they would at first.


The One Thing I Want You to Learn from Laura Berman Fortgang

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There Are No Excuses – Kyle Maynard Thu, 03 Mar 2016 17:51:31 +0000 The post There Are No Excuses – Kyle Maynard appeared first on NerdyGirl.


Think you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dreams?


Well, few people have a better excuse for that type of discouragement than Kyle Maynard, the person we’re featuring here today.


Kyle was born with a physical limitation that for many, would have been completely debilitating (watch the video to find out more). In this video, he’ll teach us why there are no excuses— and how to push past our limits against all odds.



The One Thing I Want You to Learn from Kyle Maynard

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Hey, good lookin’! Like this content? Make sure to pin it so other people can enjoy it too!


Do you ever feel like your “shoulds” are attacking you?


Running a business is hard– whether you’ve got hundreds of employees or it’s just you against the world.


I’ve been in both of those positions. I totally get how you feel. 


That’s why I’ve created this super-fun free resource for you. It’s a graphic miniseries that will help you figure out what needs your attention now, and what you have full permission to ignore for now. I like to call it:


Do This, Not That: Your Prescription for Entrepreneurial Overwhelm


Ready to take a look?


You can access each section from this page– just select the issue you want to example from the menu below.

Should I Do It?

What Do I Do First?

Will It Work for Me?

Is It Worth the Effort?

Where Should I Be Spending?

Why Am I So Stressed?

Oh, and before you go… do any of the following sound familiar?


“I’m such a failure.”


“Why is everyone out there succeeding at life while I sit here watching Netflix?”


“What if ‘living your dreams’ is just for kids?”


“What if it’s time to just grow up and play it safe?”


“There’s so much to love about my life… why do I feel so defeated?”


If any of these phrases are part of your vocabulary, your new life starts now.


It’s time to take action and start getting what you REALLY want out of every area of your life.


Sign up for our FREE video mini-course, The Only Self-Improvement Plan You’ll Ever Need, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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