Why Should I Seek Guest Post Opportunities?

Guest posting on a popular website can be incredibly beneficial to you and your business. It provides exposure and traffic to your website along with helping you to become a well known and trusted name in your industry.

NerdyGirl can help you identify these important opportunities and deliver a list of 10 ideal contacts to approach. We will ensure that the blog contacts we provide will:

  1. Publish content that is focused on your industry/niche
  2. Have a large, engaged audience who will be interested in your point of view
  3. Be willing to accept guest post submissions
  4. Have a PageRank of 3 or higher (better for SEO)

Will You Help My Post Get Accepted?

As part of our report, we’ll make sure to take note of the types of content this publisher likes to see. While we can’t guarantee that they’ll like the content you create (or the content we’ll create for you), we can help to make sure that you submit an original piece that would fit seamlessly into their existing calendar.

Before we do that, though, we’ll reach out to the blog’s owner to get a feel for their expectations to best increase the odds that you’ll be accepted. We’ll do everything we can to make this happen for you!


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