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6 Essential Rules of Influencer Outreach

Interested in influencer outreach, but not quite sure where to start?


Word of mouth marketing is the Holy Grail, isn’t it? Maybe it’s just me, but word of mouth is my #1 goal for my business. If we can get people talking authentically about us to their friends, that’s the ultimate referral. No ad could ever hope to be as effective as a personal recommendation from someone we trust.


The challenge, though, is that the kind of buzz we all want is not easily bought and much more commonly earned. So what’s a business owner to do?


This video, 6 Essential Rules of Influencer Outreach, is all about how to save time and money by building relationships the right way the first time. I hope it helps you. If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll take a second to pin it for later!


Also, before we get into the video, know that everyone who fills out the contact form on our site sends a message straight to me, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out– and make sure to sign up for our FREE graphic miniseries, “Do This, Not That: The Only Prescription for B2B Business Overwhelm”. It’s an AWESOME resource for any business owner, even if you’re not in the B2B space. I hope you’ll take a second to check it out (and see me again, in all my pink bespectacled glory)!


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