Embarrassing Mistakes I Made With Outsourcing and Automation

Have you ever experimented with outsourcing and/or automation? I hope your experiences were better than some of the experiences I’ve had! Whether you’ve done these things or not, I hope that my quick video, Embarrassing Mistakes I Made With Outsourcing and Automation, will help protect you from doing some of the the dumb stuff I did when I was first starting out.


Oh, and on the automation side, here are a few of my favorite things (in case you’re looking to shave some time off of your processes):


  • Zapier (connects your apps to each other– much more robust than IFTTT)
  • IFTTT (connects basic apps to each other using if/then relationships)
  • Boomerang for Gmail (sends emails back to your inbox when they need your attention)
  • Boomerang Calendar for Gmail (schedules appointments for you within your Gmail compose window)
  • Contactually (automates your follow-up reminders, also syncs with Gmail)


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