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How Do You Look?


One of the first things people notice about you online is your headshot/profile photo. Often, the people you meet online will only ever see one image of you, so it’s vital to make that image a great one! We can whiten your teeth, even out your skin tone, fix poor lighting issues, even make you look thinner than you are in real life. A professionally retouched photo can help you turn heads, close deals and make a splash wherever you go online.

What to Expect


Send us your headshot and we’ll retouch it in Adobe Photoshop using our own graphic design best practices, but make sure to let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to change. Let us know how quickly you’d like to have this finished– we’re happy to work on your timeline and make any changes you’d like us to make as we go.




Photo Quality Makes All the Difference.


If you’re planning to use your own photos on your website or as part of your marketing strategy, it’s crucial that they look professional. Few things can destroy consumer confidence as quickly as low-quality photos.


Do you have photos with potential, but they still leave a little to be desired? Can’t get a good staff photo where everyone looks good? Do you have a picture you absolutely love, but can’t use because of something in the background? Want to add a little oomph to a picture so it looks professional enough to add to your website?


We can turn just about any photo into something stunning. Our designers can use Adobe Photoshop to combine two images, remove undesired items from an image, change colors (i.e. the color of a shirt), change lighting and focus, and more!


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