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Want to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry?


Let the NerdyGirl team help position your business as an industry leader. Press releases can communicate to your prospective clients what you do– and more compellingly, why you do it.

Have a new product ready to launch? We can help you get the word out so your customers are ready to purchase as soon as the product is available.


Our team can craft the perfect press release, gaining media exposure and authority for your business. We can also help establish you as a thought leader in your industry, lending additional credibility to your business.


What to Expect


Our amazing Nerds can monitor HARO for you to seek stories that you would be an appropriate resource for. Once we have identified a story, we can connect you with the author and even advise you on creating a thoughtful and intelligent response to increase the likelihood that you’ll be featured. If/when the reporter chooses your comment, you’ll be able to benefit not only from some great free media exposure, but you’ll also be able to include the mention as “social proof” on your website– in other words, evidence that you’re taking your industry by storm!


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