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As soon as you register for the trial, you’ll be given 36 credits to use any time you like– that amounts to 3 FULL HOURS of personal assistant service for FREE! You can use them during your trial period, but if you don’t need all of them right away, they WILL roll over and be available to you at any time you’d like to use them, as long as your membership is still active.


Once your 14 day trial ends, you’ll be automatically charged $27/month until you cancel your membership.


Every time you’re charged, we’ll automatically add 21 credits to your account (which amounts to an hour and 45 minutes of service).


How to Use Our Services


Once you’ve activated your membership, you can request services at any time via Facebook messenger and we’ll process your request and get the task completed within 1 business day (MAAAAYBE 2 if it’s a big task). We’ll also let you know how long it took and how many credits are left in your account.