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It’s Not Easy to Be a Retailer These Days.


People are forgetting that there are other places to buy things besides Amazon… and even on Amazon, there are more new products and competitors entering the mix every day. So how do you compete? How do you stand out in this incredibly crowded marketplace?


Some Retailers are Getting Leads Online…


…but most are not. So what’s missing from your online strategy? What’s the one thing that stands between you and online marketing success? That’s what we want to find out. 


If you enter your information below, we won’t just send you our free slide deck, “10 Costly Marketing Missteps (and What to Do Instead)”. We won’t just send you all of the awesome bonus content we’ll talk about below. No, even all of that won’t be sufficient to show you how much we appreciate your time and attention.


We’re going to zero in on you specifically.


We’re going to customize our advice just for you.


And, using the very best of what we know about online marketing, we’re going to dig in and help you crush the competition.


Do You Want to Know the One Thing That Could Set You Apart from the Competition?


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Now, Let’s Talk a Bit More About This Freebie.


Our pretty little slide deck, 10 Costly Marketing Missteps (and What to Do Instead) will teach you in a matter of minutes what it takes most companies and professionals years of their time and thousands of their hard-earned dollars to learn.

It will give you the foundational tools that will help you to ensure that your marketing dollars are going to the right place. After all, is there anything worse than the feeling that you’re throwing money down the drain? The things you’ll learn in the slide deck will help prevent that from happening.

My name is Brittany Bullen and I’m the Head Nerd here at NerdyGirl.


I’m so honored that you took the time to visit our website today. Because I like you so very much (and because I love good marketing so much) I wanted to give you a whole bunch of free content to help you market your business more effectively. 

That’s why over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sending you a video series that took (quite literally) my blood, sweat and tears to create. I call it The NerdyGirl Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget.

I created it because was when I was a new business owner, trying figure out where to invest my marketing budget felt pretty overwhelming. This guide can help you get honest answers to a lot of the questions I had early on– and hopefully you’ll find solutions that will save you time and money.


In the NerdyGirl Guide, you’ll learn:


  • 5 Types of Content People Love to Share


  • How to Get the Most Out of All of Your Content


  • All You Need to Know to Handle Your Own SEO


  • What to Do (and Not Do) on Social Media to Promote Your Business on a Budget


  • 6 Essential Rules of Influencer Outreach


  • How to Get the Look of a $25,000 Website for a Fraction of the Cost


  • Embarrassing Mistakes I Made With Outsourcing and Automation


  • 7 Rookie Mistakes We Make While Trying to Promote Our Businesses Online


So Keep an Eye on That Inbox, My Friend!

You’ll be hearing from me again soon. I hope you like seeing my nerdy face– since we’re going to be “pen pals” you’re going to get to see it a lot! Please do respond to my emails if you have any questions as you watch the videos; I’m a huge marketing nerd and could talk about it all day long. I’d be thrilled to have the chance to get to know you and your business better.

Hope to talk to you soon,